A dream coming true

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Posted on Sep 25 2022 by Jawad seif Eddine, - 3 minutes read
A dream coming true

I was at the train station carrying many things when a policeman approached me and kindly suggested to help me carry my stuff to the train. I accepted and greeted him. I arrived home in just a few minutes. I greeted my father who greeted me back. Then I thought about his wrinkles and that he reached the age of 80. Fortunately, he receives healthcare in the best health centers for free and benefits from the old-age security. He also receives a monthly salary as a termination indemnity. I heard the radio announce from afar that the unemployment rate in Lebanon has decreased substantially, thanks to the new projects carried out in the country. A major power station was built and now provides round-the-clock power supply. A Lebanese car factory was set up and more than 10.000 people from the Lebanese labor force are employed. The Arz (Cedar) Company for heavy and medium industries was established and the economy is based on exports to all European countries, that meet their needs. All prisons in the country were closed due to the low crime rate, and prisons were turned into reformatories operating in the form of laboratories and investment projects in which prisoners serve their sentence at work. The value of the Lebanese currency has risen significantly, especially after the exploration of gas and oil and the obligation of states to pay in Lebanese liras. The pollution level has decreased following the provision of public transport and in light of enhanced community awareness in this respect. The State has imposed on the rich a progressive tax whose proceeds go to poor families, although they are a minority, and has also allocated large funds to an administration known for its ingenuity and innovation. The Lebanese passport has become one of the most powerful passports in the world, and friendly countries have exempted Lebanese tourists from the visa requirement. The transport network has been developed and a bridge linking the Bekaa and Beirut has been built to facilitate the conduct of business. Universities have branches in all areas and foreign students who receive scholarships to learn in Lebanon are provided with facilities. I turned off the radio, packed my bag which was full of fishing and camping equipment. I decided to go fishing in the morning, and then would go camping in the mountains in the afternoon. I called my friend George who said that he would meet me in the early morning after he attended mass in church, and then would pass by Ahmad to pick him up from the mosque after prayers.


Suddenly it all ended when I woke up to the sound of screaming. My father was feeling ill while he had no social security and we could not afford medical expenses since we were unemployed. It was all was a mere illusion. Why did you wake me up mom? Let me dream of Lebanon as I want it to be and as everyone wants it to be. Mom, I am confident that Lebanon is a dream that will come true.





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